Expert Painting Solutions for Your Home’s Interior


New paint completely changes the look of a room. An accent wall can give you an edgy pop of color in your bedroom, while white walls can make a bathroom feel more spacious. There are many different ways you can display your personality and style through your interior paint.

However, your paint may convey a message of carelessness if it isn’t done right. White ceiling paint splattered all over the floor makes your home look messy. Blue paint on your white trim looks haphazard.

What’s The Solution? Hiring a Team of Professional Painters.

There are plenty of other home improvement projects you can attempt to DIY. Painting shouldn’t be one of them. When you hire the experts of Prime Painting Concepts, you can rest assured that we put a great level of care and attention to detail in every single interior painting project.

Interior Painting for Any Room

Our contractors realize the impact that painting has on the overall look of your home, so we work hard to provide you with a flawless finish for your:

  • Living Room Painter: Our Minneapolis painters take special care to protect your flooring and living room furniture. We bring plenty of drop cloths, masking, and plastic to keep any unpainted surfaces clean.

  • Kitchen Painter: If the idea of a full kitchen renovation is stressful, a coat of paint might do the trick. We can paint walls, ceilings, trim, and cabinets to make your kitchen look fresh and modern without all of the mess and fuss of a remodel.

  • Bathroom Painter: We can use mold & mildew-proof paints for bathrooms to prevent any water damage to the walls. We can also remove any textured walls and leave you with a flat smooth finish that is easy to wipe clean.

  • Bedroom Painter: Trends change all of the time, so you might find yourself needing to repaint the walls in your bedroom. Whether you want to go bold or neutral, we can make sure that your room fits your current tastes.


Additional Interior Painting Services

At Prime Painting, we know that a new coat of paint on the walls isn’t complete with fresh paint on the trim. For that reason, we do more than just paint the walls in your home. We also offer interior painting service for your:

  • Ceiling
  • Stairs
  • Trim
  • Woodwork
  • And More!

Interior Paint for New Construction

While we primarily work with homeowners to repaint their homes, we also offer interior painting services for new construction. Instead of relying on your contractors to find someone reliable to finish your home, you can come to the painting contractors you trust. We are happy to paint your new home from top to bottom.

Full-Service Interior Painting Solutions

No matter how big your painting project may be, we guarantee exceptional service from start to finish. As part of our interior painting services, we offer:

  • Surface Preparations: Some walls may need drywall repair, caulking, spackling, and sanding before we can begin. We are prepared to handle it all, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a general contractor to make those repairs.

  • Unpainted Surface Protection: We go out of our way to make sure that every unpainted surface has adequate protection. Our contractors mask all trim, cover furniture with plastic, and place drop cloths on your flooring.

  • Daily Clean-Up: You never have to deal with the mess we make. Our professional painters clean up after themselves daily!

Personalized Services for Minneapolis-St. Paul Homeowners

Prime Painting Concepts understands how scary it can be to hire strangers to work on your home. For that reason, we go above and beyond with our service so that you never have to second-guess your hiring decision.

Our primary goal isn’t to make money but rather to make customers happy. Our founder Aaron started this company because he loves to watch a house transform before his eyes, and painting is one of the fastest ways to see results.

Want to know the best part? Aarons’ commitment to customers like you is evident in the way he approaches his business. He always goes out of his way to develop a personal relationship with every single customer because you are more than just another invoice. We take pride in getting to know every customer so that you can always feel comfortable coming to us for any questions.

Interior Painting Service Areas

We are proud to be part of the West Metro area of Minneapolis, but our service extends beyond our local neighborhoods. We also offer interior painting service to:

  • Greater Minneapolis
  • St. Paul
  • Plymouth
  • And More!

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